Heurgon "a family business since 1865"

The history of Heurgon jewelers dates back to the XIX century at the time of the opening of the first store, still located today 15 rue Royale in Paris. Heurgon, a jeweler in the soul, has always remained true to his passion for beauty, in watches as well as in jewelery. Since 1865, the evolution of Heurgon has been guided by the desire to offer the best to its customers, in a spirit of elegance, quality, and innovation. Arnaud and Benjamin Cymerman, representatives of the new generation, continue to run the Rue Royale and Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré stores in the same family spirit. Desiring to surprise and satisfy their local and international clientele, they launch new collections that are endearing and full of charm, adapted to the needs of today's women. They welcome in their Parisian boutiques customers from around the world, who appreciate the beauty and passion aroused by the French jewelry.

Available Rue Royale and Rue du Faubourg St Honoré